About Me


Hello, I’m a 31 year old designer from the UK, now living in Malmö, Sweden. I wrote a book about web accessibility called Accessibility For Everyone. You can buy it in paperback or ebook from A Book Apart.

I’ve been a full time designer at Ind.ie since the summer of 2014. We’re a tiny social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age. Our web privacy tool, Better, is available for iOS and macOS. Before Ind.ie, I was a freelance designer, illustrator, and front end web developer for six years.


I know what you’re thinking… “Designer? That’s a bit vague…” At Ind.ie, we’re a tiny team working with limited funds. So we have to be flexible and multidisciplinary. Aral and I work together on the holistic design of Ind.ie. I work on everything from graphic design to web development while learning how to run a sustainable social enterprise. My work means I’m always striving to make privacy and broader ethics in technology accessible to a wide audience. You can typically find me making design decisions, writing CSS, nudging icon pixels, or distilling a privacy policy into something humans can understand. Sometimes, I speak at conferences and write articles, too.

My beliefs

If you’re familiar with Ind.ie, it won’t surprise you that honest, sustainable, and independent design is important to me. I believe the web should be owned and controlled by the citizens that use it, and we who create technology should do so ethically and responsibly. Someone at Google once called me a socialist. (And thought it was an insult…)

I also speak and write regularly about the importance of accessibility and diversity in the tech and design industries. I first became interested in the web because I loved how it made information and shared experiences available to (almost) everybody. I want to work for a web that is equally accessible to all people. And to do that, our industry must be as diverse as the people who use what we create.