Laura Kalbag


I love conferences and meetups, they’re a great way to share what we’re working on, learn from like-minded folk, and meet new friends. I’ve been really lucky to be invited to speak at over fifty conferences in the last eight years, doing presentations, panels, interviews, and even playing MC.

You can find my upcoming talks on the Small Technology Foundation site. I’ve put my most recent presentations, with full slides, transcripts, and resources on my Notist profile. There’s videos of a few past talks on the Small Technology Foundation site too. You can find a list of most of my past talks below.

If you think I might be a good fit for speaking at your event, please drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you. My talks are easy-to-understand introductions to privacy, ethical and rights-respecting design, and accessibility/inclusive design. They are usually designed for a wide audience of people in the web and tech industry, but can contain more technical detail or more accessible explanations to better suit the background of the audience. I’m very friendly to non-technical audiences, and try to practice accessibility and inclusivity in everything I do.

Me speaking at 12 Devs of Winter

A photo of me speaking at 12 Devs of Winter in 2014, taken by the talented Alex Jegtnes

Past Talks