Laura Kalbag

Accessibility For Everyone

I wrote a book! It’s called Accessibility For Everyone, and you can buy it in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart, and as an audiobook on Audible. Do you want to know about how to make your website more accessible to people with disabilities and other accessibility-related needs? My book helps you do just that.

Collage of photos of the Accessibility For Everyone paperback posted on people’s desks, tables and outside.

Photos taken by folks on Twitter

For those more experienced in the web, Accessibility For Everyone can fill in the accessibility-sized gaps in your knowledge. And for people entirely new to making websites, it should help you get started on the right track. The book is aimed at web designers, developers, content strategists, copywriters, researchers, testers, and anybody else who makes websites.

Want to try before you buy? You can read an excerpt from Accessibility For Everyone on A List Apart.


My friend Terence Eden kicked off the book reviews with a lovely five-star review, and Michael Larsen wrote a long-form review across multiple blog posts which starts with Accessibility for Everyone: A Long-Form, Multi Part Book Review.

Accessibility For Everyone has had lovely reviews on Goodreads, and below are some of my favourites from Twitter. You can find more reviews from Twitter on the @a4ebook Twitter feed.

“I would totally recommend accessibility for everyone by @laurakalbag , it’s such an amazing overview of the field ✨” Emily Ruby

“Accessibility for Everyone (@a4ebook) is an incredibly broad and good overview of how to build a better and more inclusive web. A treasure trove of a11y info…” Almero Steyn

“Started reading your book a4e this morning and I held a smile on my face the entire time. Your book made me realize grateful I am to be a designer and how much I’m in love with design. Thanks!” Devin Fountain

“I’m only a chapter in and already learned about like 4 things I didn’t know existed. This book is excellent.” Tyler Gaw

“Three chapters into Accessibility for Everyone by @laurakalbag, and I have to say… the book itself is accessible and easily digestible.” Samantha Blinde

I got some celeb endorsements too… 😆

“You absolutely wrote a book. And congratulations on the accomplishment.” Roxane Gay, 19th August 2017

Buy the mug!

A Book Apart also sells mugs printed with each of their book covers. If you want a beautifully-designed mug that reminds everybody you’re a well-read person who cares about accessibility, you should buy one!

Two photos. One showing Laura drinking from a green mug with the Accessibility For Everyone book cover printed on it. The other showing Oskar the husky-malamute dog looking at the same mug and licking his nose.

Osky and me trying the mug out!