Laura Kalbag

Accessibility for Everyone Audiobook

I am very happy to tell you that the audiobook of Accessibility For Everyone is now available to buy on Audible.

It’s thanks to the hard work of my brother, Sam Kalbag, who single-handedly edited, engineered and produced the audiobook, helped me do the recording properly, and gave me the benefit of his extensive knowledge of audiobooks. And also Katel LeDû, A Book Apart’s CEO and all-round publishing legend, who navigated the Audible process for us all.

screenshot of the Audible store showing Accessibility For Everyone audiobook available to buy

The “Health and Personal Development” category does make it sound a little like a self-help book…

Audiobook vs paperback and ebook

Looking back as far as the proposal I wrote in 2014, it’s always been important to me that a book about accessibility and inclusivity should include an audiobook. It makes reading more accessible to people who find it difficult or impossible to see or read text, folks who like to read while they’re doing other stuff, and anyone who just prefers the audio format.

As A Book Apart books are “brief books for people who make websites”, the audiobook itself is relatively short at 3.5 hours. It is unabridged, however I’ve summarised some of the images and code so that the listening experience is equivalent to the reading experience. Nobody wants to hear me read “open bracket, a element, href attribute equals open double quote…” The book is not really about code examples, so I hope my explanations provide the what and why behind those code chunks.

It is also narrated by me. I tried to pronounce everything correctly. And while the book is technically written in US English, it is read in very British English because I really can’t do anything else.

Please let me know if you find the audiobook useful, and where you listen to it! That would absolutely make my day.

Buy it on Audible today

There is also a long sample available on Audible which is similar to the sample of the text as previewed on A List Apart.

Sam and I will share more about our working process in the future. And I might write something about choosing to distribute the book via Audible too.