Laura Kalbag

Custom Emoji on Mastodon

This morning I made an :indieHeart: custom emoji for Mastodon. Here are some things I learned.

screenshot of the Mastodon admin showing my local instance’s custom emoji including two Indie heart emojis.

One of the many cool features of Mastodon is that you can create custom emoji for your instances which can be duplicated and adopted by other instances.

The :indieHeart: shortcode in action… a toot in the dark Mastodon theme with a little Indie heart emoji. the same toot in the light Mastodon theme with a little Indie heart emoji.

Lastly, but importantly: the macOS screenreader VoiceOver reads “indie underscore heart, image” for :indie_heart: and “indie heart, image” for :indieHeart:.

So while word_word or wordword seems to be the standard for multiple-word emoji on Mastodon, using camel case is probably more accessible.