Laura Kalbag

Diary, 22nd April 2016

Always busy here! Aral and I have been doing a good job of getting out to events in our new home city of Malmö. Last week we went to see A Good American at DocLounge, and this week we’ve been to a few events right here in [Media Evolution City](" rel=“nofollow). We’re really lucky to have an amazing venue that hosts so many events around us.

I’ve been knuckling down on the financial/admin side of things now we’ve moved to Malmö. I can’t remember if I mentioned before that Aral and I are both closing our own limited companies down so that we’re only paying to run Article 12 ( This makes sense as we have no money going into those companies, And so I’m now officially a Director of Article 12 (the other being Aral). This much better reflects my day-to-day responsibilities too.

We’ve got a few events that I’ll add to the site in the coming few weeks, and then hopefully something big not so far away

Oskar status

Oskar walking on a grey beach, reflected in the seawater

Mostly chill

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