Diary, 29th June 2016

It’s not even been a week since 51.9% UK citizens voted to leave the EU, and it’s already a mess for any business operating from, or with, British Pounds. I’ve spent today working through our finances to see how best for us to proceed in terms of currencies and bank accounts. Despite living in Sweden, we’re still tied to the UK, not least because I’m a British citizen… * shakes fist at the idiots who voted to Leave *

Other than the Brexit woes, we’ve been working hard on keeping Better up-to-date and fixing any teething problems we’ve had with the trackers list. Since launch we’ve updated Better (the app) twice, and updated the content (the tracker list) seven times. We’ve had loads of great reviews on the App Store, and reading these are encouraging, motivational, and the best way to start our days! :smile:

We’re now working on the best trackers to target next, and ways to keep improving Better. As well as how to continue raising awareness alongside promoting sales to help keep us sustainable.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the…

Oskar status

Oskar the husky dog on top of a hill

King of the park

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  1. But the pound’s getting stronger and stronger against USD, right? Does it cause inconveniences as well? There’s been no administrative decisions as to currencies yet, has there?

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