Guest co-host on Unfinished Business II

Last Friday I was a guest co-host on Unfinished Business again. It was great fun, Andy and I spoke about clients, how location affects our businesses, how to find good subcontractors and Star Trek.

I’m a massive fan of Unfinished Business and listen to every episode so it was a real treat to go back again. Thank you for inviting me, Andy!

Andy & Anna have Unfinished Business - A weekly discussion show about the business end, the sharp end of web, design and creative industries.

Oh, and one more thing: Slide + Stage

One of the sponsors this week was Slide + Stage, a full-day intensive masterclass with Aral Balkan. It’s going to be brilliant and I’m going to be there. I’ve already written a post about how much I’ve learnt from Aral, and if you want to speak at events, or even just become better at presenting your work to clients, I really recommend you come along.

Slide + Stage

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