Laura Kalbag

I don’t track you

When you visit this website, I don’t track you.

You might’ve noticed in the footer of my site, I have a little link (to this post) that says “No tracking.” This is 100% borrowed/inspired by the footer text on Karolina Szczur’s website.

For me, “no tracking” is both a fact and a mission statement. I’m not a fan of tracking. I work on a tracker blocker, been writing about privacy for the last six years, and give whole talks about the harms of tracking on the web. Our work at Small Technology Foundation is all about advocating for and building small technology to protect personhood and democracy in the digital network age.

That means that you will not find any analytics, article limits or cookies on my site. You also won’t find any third-party scripts, content delivery networks or third-party fonts. I won’t let anyone else track you either.

My site is run with Site.js. Site.js provides some stats about visits to my site, but nothing about its visitors. I know how many requests my site has had, it’s top three most popular requests (my RSS feeds), requested but missing pages, and referrers. It’s as much as I need to keep my site running smoothly.