Laura Kalbag

Interview with Shannon Fisher about Accessibility For Everyone

A while back I had a lovely evening chatting with the fabulous Shannon Fisher about Accessibility For Everyone. Shannon asks really thoughtful questions, and it was fun chatting to someone who already cares so much about inclusivity.

What role does accessibility play in your design practice? Are you thoughtful about barriers that keep someone from accessing your site? Can you name them? Are you on the search for solutions? I sat down with Laura Kalbag, author of Accessibility for Everyone, to discuss why and how you should make accessibility a focus of your design practice.

With more and more designers pushing the envelope of web design, it’s important to remember the purpose our sites serve and that the best designs are accessible to anyone wanting to experience them. It’s time to push ourselves, our teams, and the design community to prioritize and incorporate accessibility as an inclusive and fundamental approach to design and development.

You can read the whole interview on Webflow’s Medium post.