29 July 2020 11:45 IST

Fellow white-passing/white folks: don’t say yes to events with all-white lineups. It is 2020, you should ask about the lineup, put it in your event rider, and ensure you’re not part of the problem. You’ve got to be willing to sit an event out to make space for non-white people.

Not got an event rider? Write one! It’s a really easy way to set expectations. Use it (and your privilege) to make events more inclusive. You can also use it for accessibility requirements (ask for captioning!) You can use a rider for online events too.

Sometimes lineups aren’t finalised when you’re asked to speak. This is a poor excuse. Specify that you will pull out of an event if you find yourself on an all-white lineup. And if an event is the kind of event where they think you’re too much trouble for asking those questions, you’ve got to ask yourself if that’s the kind of event you want to be associated with.

Posted to Twitter on 29 July 2020.

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