28 March 2019 10:45 UTC

Given that Apple have just removed Do Not Track from Safari because it was being used for tracking via “fingerprinting”, the decision to add trackability for assistive tech is baffling.

Léonie Watson wrote very clearly on this specific issue years ago: Thoughts on screen reader detection.

I’m so angry and want to write more about this, but I also want to get a Better update out today (going to try to smash those trackers before they get to you.) In short:

TRACKING IS BAD and invasive. Consent dialogs are not good enough for consent, let alone opt-out options. Discrimination based on tracking impacts marginalised and vulnerable people first and most. Yet 99% of the web is complicit in it. Go check yourselves. I regularly post links about the impact of tracking on the Ind.ie Radar if you want more background.

Also posted on Twitter at https://twitter.com/laurakalbag/status/1111216840309702664