Photography on manual: 10 – Miscellaneous

The last few days have brought a very miscellaneous collection of photos.

A Rama figurine, standing in pebbles on Brighton beach

Rama on the beach. I was out trying to get the sea and the pier, but the weather was grim, and I found this little figure instead. I think it might be Rama, but I might be wrong…

The next photo is part of our overlaying exercise set by Ashley. I did it in post-processing, before I discovered that my camera has a multiple exposure setting. It’s pretty cheesy, but an okay first try.

Profile of Aral, overlaid on purple and blue clouds in the sky

Overlay. Aral and the sky. Looks a bit film poster…

A tree with leaves glowing in the streetlight against a background of garages and the backs of buildings

Grove. The tree outside the back of our house looks like it’s glowing at night.

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