Laura Kalbag

Photography on manual: 8 –; Traffic and Jess

Our most recent exercise was to take a long exposure shot.

Streaks of light on a road caused by traffic  during a long exposure.

Seafront traffic. I wandered around for a while, trying to find a good angle from a height, but the traffic was too quiet! The main sea front road was much better, though it was pretty windy last night, so it’s slightly blurrier that I’d like on the static objects.

Before that, Ashley gave us a great tutorial on using natural light.

My sister, Jess, sitting in front of a window looking down.

Jess. After reading Ashley’s email on light, I stalked my family around windows. I lightened Jess’s face up a bit, and removed the distracting toasted on the window sill. It’s a bit of an odd crop, but I didn’t want any of the junk in the background.