Photography on manual: 9 –; Oskar in the grey

This week we’ve been looking more at natural light, and portraits with foreground detail. I took my trusty (actually incredibly unreliable) model, Oskar, out for a walk and hounded him with the camera. It was a very grey day, but with a lot of light.

Oskar the dog amongst cow parsley plants

**Oskar in the cow parsley.** It’s much easier to get a shot in focus when the model is sitting still! I’m pleased with the depth from the different layers of cow parsley.

Oskar the dog walking on grass

**Oskar walking.** Trying to rotate the shot to make it feel less wonky meant it ended up quite closely cropped.

Oskar the dog in the hedgerow, with blue flowers and weeds in the foreground

**Oskar in the hedgerow.** I used Ashley’s trick of picking some weeds and holding them in front of the camera.

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