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Sass for designers — the talk and the case study

Yesterday I gave a talk at the fantastic online conference CSS Summit on ‘Sass for designers’. It uses my new site Web Talk Dog Walk as a case study, and explains the basics of Sass and how to get started using CodeKit.

Usually I wouldn’t recommend checking out my slides, as they’re useless without me explaining them, but as this was an online conference and I wanted the slides to be extra clear in case of technical problems, they hopefully read in a fairly easy-to-follow way:

See the Sass for designers slides on my Conferences page.

I’ve also made most of the site code (the stuff not covered by other people’s licenses!) available on GitHub. I’ve tried to make the commits fit in with the slides as much as possible.

Edits: the very kind [Roy Tomeij]( wrote a post about [when to use mixins vs @extend in Sass]( following my talk. I didn’t know much about @extend, but now I do! So [this is some additional recommended reading](

Andy Spicer also asked if I could share my Sketch mockups for the site design. You can download the zipped .sketch file here. I use the latest version of the Sketch beta, so you’ll need to use this to open the file as it may not be compatible with older versions.

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  1. A good wee article Laura. Always interested in seeing other workflows. The more I read about Sass, the more powerful it gets.

    Until recently I didn’t know about placeholder selectors. Also, with RWD projects I’ve moved my breakpoint calls into a mixin and passing the breakpoint by a variable.

    So many great tools out there at the moment :-)