Site adjustments

My site is looking a little different, I’m now using the lovely Recia for the type. Fontdeck recently retired, and while they gave loads of notice about the service stopping, I still didn’t update my fonts in time. This left my site looking a little sad and Helvetica-y.

screenshot of old homepage with Georgia and Helvetica fonts

My site with web-safe backup fonts, Georgia and Helvetica

I have a redesign in the works. But I’ve no idea when it’ll be finished. It requires a major reworking in the focus of the site itself. Since I’ve been full time with, the portfolio element of the site is a bit redundant. Although it’s nice to have a history of work, and I’d really like to use it for case studies of the design work for and Better. Most of my writing has also appeared on, or on other sites, but needs to be linked to from here. It’s also time I got my head around all the WordPress theming changes from the last couple of years.

Screenshot of the homepage as it is on this date

The site as it is today, with Recia replacing Georgia and Helvetica

For now, I thought I’d take a step towards the new design with an update in fonts. The typography otherwise remains the same, so apologies for any wonkiness or poor layout!

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