Laura Kalbag

Speaking at WXG 2014 in Guildford

I’m speaking at WXG 2014 in Guildford in September. This is exciting for me because I attended the first ever WXG a couple of years ago, and it’s about as local as a conference is going to get to my hometown, Reigate.

The tickets are a bargain at just £69 for early birds, and there’s already a great lineup with still more to be announced…

I’m going to talk about how we design the web. These days, “web designer” is used to describe all sorts of jobs and people. I’m going to discuss what we really create when we design for the web, where our responsibilities and loyalties lie, and how we hone our design skills.

WXG 2014, a one-day web conference — Friday 26 September, Guildford, UK.