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I’ve written a post over on The Branch.

Screenshot from The Branch website: The Sharers - Laura Kalbag shares how a sense of community helped her to grow into a career she loves.

James Dinsdale emailed me about a new project he was starting out, called The Branch, a site collecting posts about what inspires people. I love these kinds of posts, so I was really keen to be involved.

As a designer, inspiration is a much-discussed topic. Unfortunately, this ‘inspiration’ is often described as particular styles of design and the work of individual designers. I think these are less ‘inspiration’ and more idolatry.

To me, inspiration is in ideas and approaches. Inspiration is the what drives me to do the best, most meaningful, work that I can. Yes, these gallery sites might show very technically able designs and inspire me to become a more technically proficient designer, but I find the context of the design, the reasons behind why the designer made those decisions so much more motivational.

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  1. Laura, Thanks for your great contribution, and continued support. I’m glad you share my enthusiasm for the project. Hopefully, given a little time to grow, it will become an invaluable resource for those not yet lucky enough to have found their calling in life. Cheers, James

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