Laura Kalbag

Video interview for Interlink conference

Sadly, Interlink conference has been cancelled. I’m gutted that I won’t be visiting Canada this year, but I totally understand how difficult it is to run a conference, especially if you’re trying to put on the best possible event for your attendees and speakers.

Last week I had [a chat with my friend Steve Fisher about my upcoming talk and workshop at Interlink conference and all things Canadian]( It was a fun way to end the day, and is complete with me doing a really terrible Canadian accent. It made me *even more* excited for [Interlink in June](, I can’t wait!

If you want to know a bit more about my workshop, I’ve put some extra details in a blog post about the workshop, and you should check out the amazing conference lineup. It looks like there’s still some Super Early Bird tickets left, so you should grab them before they’re gone!

Laura Kalbag and Steve Fisher talk about Interlink conference