Laura Kalbag

What advice do you give to aspiring designers or typographers?

I was just asked, amongst a couple of other questions, what advice I would give to aspiring designers or typographers.

With my mind focused on the aspiration part, I started writing an answer based on finding your own way of working through studying others, not copying… And then I realised it was a bit superficial. What’s the biggest problem with young designers today? They’re coin-operated*. So I wrote what I hope is slightly better advice:

Be ethical. Design is a great power where you can choose to instruct and manipulate others into thinking, feeling, and acting. Use those powers for good, don’t promote or help those whose business and goals harm people. Work hard to build a society you want to inhabit in the long term. Don’t underestimate your own impact.

* Aral came up with that term. I just love it.

One comment

  1. I would say focus on the one thing you are good at and master that skill and style, don’t get distracted thinking you need to know everything about anything. Such as if youre thing is vector graphics become the best at it, or if you use illustrator get to know it inside out. Hope that’s helpful advice for someone.