Laura Kalbag

Winter catchup

Unsurprisingly, it’s been a busy few months since I started working with Stately. My website is in a state of neglect, so I’m here with a quick remedy. In vaguely chronological order…

Remove Trackers (on CSS Tricks).

I wrote a response to “What is one thing people can do to make their website better?” on CSS-Tricks. Of course, I chose “remove trackers.”

Sadly, Better Blocker is no more.

After years of trying to work through Apple’s App Store bureaucracy and then finding out about Apple’s latest proposals for privacy violation, we decided it was time to retire Better Blocker. If you’re looking for an alternative, we recommend 1Blocker.

I’m still horrified by tracking on the web and will keep an eye on developments, but it’s going to be better for my mental health that I’m no longer examining some of the worst of the web every month.

Speaking at Smashing Meets on 9th February.

On the 9th February 2022, I’m speaking at a Smashing Meets event on (design) ethics. My talk is “Web3 — creating problems where we need solutions.” Yep, I’m a sucker for social media blowback. But it’s a topic we need to discuss in more detail, and I’m speaking alongside the brilliant Trine Falbe, who always gives insightful talks.